Learn a language in the land of its origin

As language traveled from its native shores to foreign lands, pronunciation and intonation evolved uniquely to the country of its adoption. English is a case in point. English, as it is spoken in England has different accents and ways of pronunciation across the country. A Londoner speaks it differently from a Welshman. Even abroad, in the USA, Canada, Australia and the British Commonwealth countries, people have developed localized intonations and pronunciations. One can identify the country a person belongs to from the way he speaks. In some areas of life pronunciation and intonation are important, especially in business and academic circles. Quite a few online sites present free as well as paid educational materials aimed at tutoring individuals on achieving perfect pronunciation and intonation. Anyone interested in perfecting this area of language skills can browse such websites that carry multimedia based learning materials and links to other sites.

Even if it is presented in the best way possible, online and multimedia based learning of pronunciation and intonation can never equal the quality of learning one gets in a language school located in a country of its origin, with local teachers giving personalized attention. This is what students get when they enroll for language studies in ESL Language Schools worldwide. French is a wonderful language and lays particular emphasis on pronunciation and intonation. Adults who wish to pursue an international career that brings them in touch with French speaking people would do well to brush up their intonation and presentation skills. French course in Lyon through an ESL partner language school is the perfect place to gain an in-depth training in intonation and pronunciation.

Adults have the choice of standard course, intensive course, premium course, private course, exam prep course and exam prep premium course at ESL partner schools offering French course in Lyon. Each course is conveniently categorized into levels ranging from elementary to advanced. Adults can join the French course in Lyon at any convenient point according to their level of proficiency and then continue on their own or go on to the next level. The ESL language school in Lyon is unique in that it is located in a UNESCO World Heritage area and is housed in a traditional building. Classrooms have high ceilings and a fireplace, reminiscent of a previous era. French is taught the modern way, the emphasis on speaking and communicating with the right accent. Teachers are professional and well qualified with an infectious enthusiasm that gets students involved in role play and interactive learning sessions. The learning process continues when students spend their leisure time in the streets and practice what they have learnt. Hearing French spoken the French way, one soon acquires the correct pronunciation and intonation and the right mode of delivery. Personalized approach of the teachers and immersive experiences out in the streets contribute to faster acquisition of spoken skills. Now that is something no audio or multimedia based learning or online training can give, making it more than worthwhile to go in for a French course in Lyon.

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